What Causes AC Compressor Failure?

Nothing can be more frustrating than experiencing issues with your home’s AC system during the warm summer months. The lack of cooling can make your home feel muggy, humid, and uncomfortably warm leaving you and your family miserable and even cranky. One of the most common mechanical failures when it comes to home air conditioning systems is your AC compressor. So what causes AC compressor failure to occur?

At Sitton Mechanical, we’re here to help explain the common causes of AC compressor failure so that you can know what to look for when it comes to beating the heat with your home’s AC. From signs that your compressor is on the verge of failure, to problems that you’re likely to encounter as an AC owner, we know air conditioning inside and out and are here to share our understanding with you.

Signs of AC Compressor Failure

With so many different parts and components that go into making your home a relaxing oasis of cool comfort, it can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint where a problem is coming from. That’s why we’ve listed below common signs of issues that you may experience if your home’s AC compressor is on the verge of failing.

Signs that your AC compressor may be failing include symptoms such as:

  • Weak or no airflow
  • Loud noises coming from your AC unit
  • Frequently tripped breakers
  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Higher than normal electrical bills

Common Compressor Problems

When it comes to your AC compressor specifically, there are common problems and issues that you are likely to encounter throughout your AC’s lifespan. Some of the most common compressor issues that homeowners experience range from quick fixes to full-on repairs and even replacements if left unattended.

Electrical Failure

An electrical failure can be caused by a variety of issues within your unit or within your home’s electrical setup itself. From fuses, wires, connectors, and everything in between, electrical failure can leave your AC unit failing to provide you with the cooling power that you need.

Electrical issues with your home’s AC system should be addressed and worked on only by licensed professionals. This ensures that the work performed is done correctly, and safely so that you and your home’s AC remain safe and free from unwanted damage.

Blocked Condenser Coils

Over time your AC unit collects dust, grime, and debris that can cause issues if left alone. This buildup can form a blockage that makes it impossible or very difficult for your condenser coils to release the warm air into the open. This puts a lot of strain on your compressor, forcing it to work overtime to try and rid your unit of the built-up heat.


When your AC compressor is working harder than it should it can cause the unit to overheat. This can leave you overheated as well, leaving you high and dry without the cooling power of your trusted AC system. Proper maintenance and care for your home’s air conditioner can help prevent a lot of what causes a compressor to overheat, making it a simple compressor issue to avoid.

Refrigerant Levels

Having too little refrigerant within your AC system can force your compressor to work harder to fill the lines, eventually causing the system to overwork itself and fail. Having the right amount of refrigerant in your home’s AC system is crucial in maintaining a healthy and efficient air conditioner and can help you avoid potentially costly repairs or replacements in the future.

Dirt and Debris

Dirt and debris buildup around your outdoor unit can cause issues with your entire AC system. Things such as trash, leaves, weeds, and other blockages can lead to a lack of airflow and cooling power for your unit. All of these can strain your system’s compressor and cause it to overwork itself until it no longer works at all.

We’re Here To Help Take Care of Your Home’s Air Conditioner

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