Furnace Maintenance Services in Stillwater, OK

While residents of Stillwater are fortunate to enjoy mild winters with many pleasant days in between, a reliable furnace is still a necessity to warm your home during the colder months. Many homeowners choose to heat their homes with a furnace because of their reliability, low maintenance needs, and lower installation costs. If you have a furnace, knowing how to take care of it and choosing a reputable HVAC company are the first steps towards ensuring a long and healthy lifespan for your system. At Sitton Mechanical LLC, we provide maintenance services for your furnace in the Stillwater area.

Our Maintenance Services in Stillwater

Proper heater maintenance takes a dedicated partnership between the homeowner and the HVAC company. There are many things that a homeowner can do every year to promote the health of their system and the safety of their family, but there are other services, such as a furnace tune-up, that should only be performed by a licensed technician. Proper maintenance can extend the lifespan of your furnace and help you avoid having to call us for frequent “furnace repair near me”.

Maintenance Responsibilities for Homeowners

To help your furnace operate efficiently, you will want to be vigilant about your maintenance responsibilities. One of the easiest ways to help your furnace is to keep both your supply vents and your return vents free from obstructions such as furniture, boxes, clothing, or other objects that could impede the flow of air through your system. When these are covered, your system has to work much harder to bring in the air it needs or provide adequate heating to every room in the home.

You also need to make sure to change your filters every three to four months. You may need to change it even more frequently if you have pets that shed or you live in an area with higher levels of pollution or dust. At the time of your furnace installation, you should check your manufacturer’s recommendations and then trust your instincts if your filter looks overly dirty.

To keep your system more productive and avoid unsafe situations, you should always keep any objects away from the area directly around your furnace. Although it may be tempting to use this extra space, storing boxes, cleaning supplies, tools, or any other items can be a fire hazard or make your furnace inefficient. You can also dust the outside of your furnace and keep the vents in your home free from dust. You should always turn off electrical power to your furnace before opening the access panel to clean or change the filter.

Finally, if you have a gas furnace, always make sure your carbon monoxide alarms are working properly and if you smell gas or your CO alarm sounds, get to safety and then call our team for furnace repair. You should also call right away for signs of electrical malfunctions such as tripping breakers or problems with the thermostat.

Tune-Ups Through Sitton Mechanical

For any detailed cleaning and maintenance that involves taking off the service cover and working inside the system, you will want to call our team for furnace maintenance services. You should call Sitton Mechanical LLC every year to have a tune-up performed on your system. Tune-ups are all-encompassing and are a good way to verify that your furnace is working well before the temperature in Stillwater begins to drop. The most common time for homeowners to have this service performed is at the end of the summer so that they can take advantage of efficient heat all winter.

At Sitton Mechanical LLC we check your blower, apply lubrication to mechanical parts, test the system for loose electrical connections or gas leaks, clean the system, change the filter, and more. The technician will then discuss any safety issues with you as well as any repairs that should be done to keep your system in perfect condition and delay the need for a furnace replacement. After a tune-up, your furnace should be ready to work for you until the days get warm again.

Trust Sitton For a Job Well Done

While it is important to invest in quality installation and repair services for your furnace, it can be argued that maintenance is the most crucial piece of the puzzle. Our goal is to use our skills to help our community to need us less often. As natives of the Stillwater area, we are passionate about giving back to the community and blessing it as it has blessed us. If your furnace needs a boost or it is ready for its annual tune-up, call Sitton Mechanical, LLC today!