Furnace Installation in Stillwater, Oklahoma

Expert technicians must ensure that the system is properly fitted to the house when it comes to installing a new furnace and they will set it up properly so that it is reliable in the winter. These technicians are of great help as they can assist you in choosing the right kind of furnace, both in terms of size and features, to suit any home. Whether a family picks a furnace in their home for a new build or replaces an old one, an experienced and reliable professional can help a furnace installation go smoothly from beginning to end.

Furnace Installation Choices

These days, you’ll find that you have several options when it comes to a furnace for your home. Most homeowners decide to replace their old furnaces with the same type, as the facilities for this type are already in place. On the other hand, a homeowner will sometimes opt-in to install a more energy-efficient model to save money in the long run. Listed here are the different types of furnaces usually installed in homes today.


Electric furnaces use heating elements to warm the air. The furnace then uses a blower to blow the air through the duct and the ventilation in individual areas. More than other devices, electric furnaces tend to be smaller and lower in upfront costs. They may cost higher to run when the electricity cost in the area is high.


Natural gas furnaces use gas from a municipal line and a burner which helps in the ignition of the gas as combustion gas. Such a process is the one that heats the air that passes through the furnace. The warm air from a furnace, regardless of the type of fuel, is carried throughout the home by the HVAC ductwork.

Depending on utility prices in your area, you may be able to heat your home less expensively with gas rather than electricity. The potential downside is that gas furnaces typically require more maintenance than electric furnaces. A well-maintained gas furnace may give you as much as ten years more use than an electric furnace.

Signs You May Need A New Furnace

All furnaces will wear out eventually, though most last an average of twenty years. A qualified professional can assist a homeowner regarding making the right choice for its replacement. Proper measurements are required to determine which size of the unit will do the job properly. Measuring your home is particularly important if you have remodeled or put an addition on since your last furnace was installed.

Be sure to choose a furnace that is known to be energy-efficient because that will minimize the operating cost. There are a few warning signs that your furnace may be reaching the end of its useful life. Any of the following may indicate the need for replacement: unusual noises or odors during operation of the unit, increasing energy bills, frequent repair calls, or carbon monoxide leaks, especially in units that are 15 years old or more.

There are some problems with the furnace that can just be repaired to delay its replacement. An expert on it can take a close look at the unit to determine the problem with it. Sometimes, if a unit approaches the 20-year mark, replacing rather than repairing may be more cost-effective.

Even well-maintained furnaces will become less and less efficient over time. You’ll get more years of use out of your furnace if you maintain it well, but it will eventually need to be replaced. Once an older unit is replaced with a new one, you should see a significant change in your heating bills. The cost of making frequent repairs on an older furnace eventually will make it higher compared to the cost of simply replacing it with a new model.

If there is carbon monoxide near the unit this is a serious health hazard to your home that needs immediate attention. If the flame on your gas furnace is red instead of blue, it can indicate that carbon monoxide is present. You may want to check for a carbon monoxide leak if your family is experiencing flu-like symptoms, nausea, and frequent headaches.

Such leaks tend to cause more trouble so it must be checked by a professional. Replacing your old, worn-out furnace will have health benefits for your family.