Heating Services in Stillwater, Oklahoma

The last thing you’ll want is to be without heat on a frigid winter day. Depending on your location, a broken heater can be problematic.

The infants, seniors, and some young adults who are healthy can all be vulnerable to hypothermia. While electric or gas-powered heat may seem like a modern luxury, families today are relying on them more than ever. Some homes may lack a fireplace or any other heat source to keep them safe and warm during the cold season. So, when the heater doesn’t work, they typically need a quick fix.

A great way to avoid experiencing a furnace breakdown in the middle of winter is to have your furnace serviced every year. An experienced professional can assist you in maintaining the desired level of comfort for you and your family. They can provide all the heating services you require to stay comfortable all winter long, and they’ll help maximize the life of your unit.

The average life span of a furnace is 20 years, and heat pumps last up to 15 years. However, just like your vehicle, it will have a longer lifespan if serviced regularly. Below you will find more useful information about ways to heat your home and the maintenance required.

What do heating services professionals examine during an inspection?

Heating services can vary depending on which units are involved. A lot of modern houses use a furnace and forced air to provide heat throughout the house. natural gas heaters, heat pumps, and propane heaters are more often found in older homes or particular areas of the country. A certified professional will be able to service any heat source in your home, to keep it in optimal shape and to ensure you have comfortable temperatures all winter.


Regardless of whether a furnace is electric, gas, or fueled by oil, a specialist can carry out an examination on it and perform regular maintenance as well. They will be able to find possible issues and repair them before they become an emergency. A service professional will look over your furnace for rust from moisture on certain areas and replace those parts to help you avoid a sudden breakdown. They can also see if there is leaking carbon monoxide from it which can negatively affect your family’s health.

When a unit has reached the end of its use, an expert can explain all your options and bring you up to speed on all the different upgrades available nowadays. Some more efficient systems might end up saving you money long term due to lower running costs.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are more commonly found in moderate climates as their temperature conversion can be quite limited. Despite that, there are certain models, for example geothermal, that are making these types more popular in cold climates as well. Coupled with electricity, heat pumps generate warm air through the use of ground heat or outdoor air. A professional will always clean coils, fan blades, and ducts, replace any filters, lubricate parts of the mechanics, measure airflow output, and check the operations of the thermostat during an inspection.