Air Conditioning Tune-Up Services in Stillwater, Oklahoma

If your air conditioning unit starts making strange noises or is not properly cooling your home, these signs indicate that your AC has a problem. Think about having your air conditioner tuned up rather than simply assuming it needs to be replaced. Your unit may just need a little maintenance and care to get it back up and running like new. A professional will be able to inspect the unit and its various parts and pieces and help figure out the problem.

Normally, air conditioning units last about 10 years before they need a replacement, and it is recommended that they are serviced once a year to keep them running for a long time. If your AC unit is only a few years old, it can make more sense to have it inspected by a professional rather than assume that it needs to be replaced.

Why is an AC tune-up necessary?

Many parts make up an AC unit and the whole HVAC system as well and these will, of course, experience wear and tear in the long run. Instead of waiting for something to break down, get your system checked beforehand so that you won’t have to go without an air conditioner for weeks.

During the inspection they will:

  • recalibrate the thermostat if needed
  • clean or replace the air filter
  • remedy any safety hazards
  • clear the space in and around the unit from dirt and debris
  • clean and straighten the coils and coil fins
  • check the refrigerant levels
  • Search for any leaks or cracks

The purpose of an air conditioner tune-up is to increase its lifespan and decrease the number of repair calls needed. Make sure your AC is maintained properly, just as you do with your car, to make sure that it runs well and efficiently. When it is not given regular tune-ups, then it could lead you to have higher energy bills because of its lowered efficiency.

Because air conditioners aren’t used year-round in many areas, a homeowner might not realize there is an issue until he or she turns on the unit at the beginning of the summer. Savvy homeowners schedule a service call for their air conditioning system well before they need to use it. Nobody wants to suffer because your AC is not maintaining a cool temperature on your home

Do I need a tune-up or a total replacement?

If you are unfamiliar with air conditioners, you might not be able to tell when your unit has reached the end of the road or only needs some maintenance. A professional can conduct an inspection and help you determine whether your unit is done. The following list can help you figure out if you need a professional to tune up the unit or completely replace it.

The thermostat isn’t working

Although a broken thermostat is frustrating and doesn’t cool a house, the problem may be with the AC unit itself. An AC professional will inspect the wiring and recalibrate the thermostat to get the air conditioner up and running again.

Inconsistent temperatures throughout the home

Only an inspection by a professional will give you a definitive answer for your air conditioner’s inability to cool your home adequately. Your upper level is always going to be hotter than your lower one because of heat rising. However, big differences in the temperature of one room compared to another room on the same floor can mean there is a problem with vents, ductwork, or air filters.

Bad smells or noises

Never ignore strange sounds emanating from your air conditioning unit. There could be a broken or loose part there that needs to be repaired to prevent further damage. Such problems can sometimes be patched, and it makes more sense to replace the entire system at other times. An unpleasant odor coming from your AC unit could be a sign of burnt wires or mold growing inside the ducts.

It is natural to try and find the answers yourself by using Google and asking friends. Sometimes the best way to find both the problem and the solution is to call in a professional to do a full inspection. In many cases, it could simply need a small repair or even a good cleaning, nothing major. Sometimes all it takes is a cleaning or a repair to fix the problem.


If your air conditioner unit is leaking, that’s a bad sign. Whether the leak is from the condenser or it is refrigerant liquid, repairing this would cost a lot. It could be more cost-effective to replace your air conditioner than try to fix it if it’s old.

High energy bills.

Energy bills that are higher than usual are concerning because something is causing your unit to work harder than it needs to. If the unit hasn’t been tuned up in a long time, or if the unit is still new, it’s time to call a professional.

When your unit is old or it was serviced recently, it could just be wearing out and in need of replacement. You can only be sure about what is causing the problem with it after it has been thoroughly inspected. If it needs replacement, you can find a professional today who can let you know about the more efficient options in the market.