Why Is My AC Not Blowing Cold Air?

Anyone who lives where it gets hot during the summer understands that you have your air conditioner for one main purpose, which is to blow out cold air so that you can keep your home cool. An air conditioner that isn’t blowing out cold air is about as much use to you as a car without gas or a bike without wheels. There can be many reasons for an air conditioner to stop blowing out cold air. We’ll help you troubleshoot the problem so you can get your AC back to doing what it should be doing: cooling down your home.

Common AC Problems

If you’re spending time online asking, “Why is my AC not blowing cold air?” it may be hard to find your specific problem by simply browsing. It can be helpful to start with the basics and check a few easy-to-fix problems first. Here are some of the most common reasons that your air conditioner is not blowing cold air but is still running.

There is Not Enough Airflow

Proper airflow is a major part of the success of any good air conditioning system. Your ductwork, if it has been installed well, was designed specifically for optimal airflow throughout the house. Sometimes, homeowners can make the mistake of closing off too many vents in the home or blocking the return vents. Another common mistake is forgetting to change the filters every few months.

When there isn’t enough air moving through your system, your AC will have a hard time working well. The return vents are important because they bring warm air into the AC. Once the warm air gets there, it goes past the evaporator coils which cools the air off. The cold air can then be distributed to the rest of your house. A clean filter is also important because it ensures that enough air can get past it into the system.

If your AC is not blowing cold air out, it might be because airflow is being blocked at some stage of the process, either at the return vents, the air filter, the ductwork, or the supply vents. As soon as you start wondering why your AC is not blowing old air out, follow these steps:

  1. Check your air filter and change it if necessary
  2. Make sure all of your supply vents are fully open in every room
  3. Move furniture or other objects away from return vents
  4. If this doesn’t solve the problem, call for air conditioning service

You Have a Frozen AC Unit

If you have a lack of airflow, one of the problems you might encounter is a frozen AC unit. If your AC is not cooling, check both your indoor and outdoor unit for signs of ice. When you do see ice forming anywhere on your system, turn it off and run the fan. This should melt the ice within a day. Next, you can go through the checklist from above or call for an AC repair

Your Thermostat is Broken

If your AC is not cooling your house, it may not be a problem with your air conditioner at all. The problem might be coming from your thermostat. A broken thermostat may not be able to detect the temperature properly or tell your AC when it needs to turn on. If your thermostat doesn’t line up with the temperature of the room or if you are noticing other problems, you might need an air conditioning service to have it checked out. 

There is Low Refrigerant

If your air conditioner is not blowing cold air but is running, you might have low refrigerant. Air will still move through the system, it just won’t be as cold as you need it to be. Having a technician recharge your refrigerant and check the system for refrigerant leaks can solve the problem of your AC not blowing cold air. 

Should You Call for Professional AC Repair?

Unless the problem is something easily fixed like a dirty air filter or vents that are covered or not fully open, you will need to consider calling for AC services in Stillwater, OK. A technician can quickly find out why your AC is not cooling and get it working again. When an AC is not cooling the house, the problem can be a complicated one to fix, so it can be a faster and safer process to call a professional. 

Reliable AC Services in Stillwater, OK

If you need an AC repair to get your system working again, you can contact Sitton Mechanical for AC services in Stillwater, OK. We would love to help you get your AC back on track whether the problem is minor or major. 

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