Things to Consider with an HVAC Replacement

Have you had your HVAC system for over a decade? Are you calling your HVAC company on speed dial for repairs? If your HVAC unit has seen better days and constantly needs repairs, it may be time to say your goodbyes and schedule an HVAC replacement. 

We know it’s sad; after all, your HVAC has kept you cool for many summers and warm for many winters. Eventually, your HVAC will exhale for the last time and leave you in the lurch. Before that happens, we recommend an HVAC replacement. 

HVAC Replacement

An entirely new HVAC installation may sound daunting, and for a good reason – it is a big decision. There are so many options out there; it can be overwhelming. How do you know what size HVAC to get? Which type will be suitable for your home? How much will this cost? 

There are likely many more questions you have. Sitton Mechanical has answers. We understand the seriousness of choosing an HVAC unit. That is why we have a team of experts that will do a detailed inspection of your home and offer a sound recommendation on the type of HVAC system you should install. We will also carry out the installation once you have made your decision. We are the best HVAC company in Stillwater, OK. 

Signs That You Need an HVAC Replacement

Frequent Repairs

The most obvious sign that your HVAC unit is nearing its end is the money spent on frequent repairs. If your HVAC unit is over ten years old, the repair expenses are likely piling up. A sure way to know if your HVAC unit needs a replacement is by taking the amount of money spent on repairs and multiplying it by the age of your HVAC. If the answer is over 5000, call us to arrange an HVAC replacement – it’s time. 

Increased Electricity Bills

If you have noticed an increase in your utility bills, your HVAC unit is likely working harder than it normally does to keep your home cool. This is not only eating your electricity, but it is putting immense strain on the components inside your HVAC system. It’s only downhill from there. You should consider a new HVAC installation as soon as possible. 

Uneven Temperatures

If your house is unevenly heated or cooled, the ductwork could be leaking. Repairs may temporarily fix this, but if your HVAC is old, it would be more cost-effective to replace it. 

How to Pick Your Next HVAC System

There are a few DIY methods to use to get an idea of what HVAC unit you should install. You can calculate the approximate size that you need. However, we suggest speaking to one of our professionals for a thorough evaluation. They will give you a detailed rundown of the types of HVAC systems available. They will then recommend the best option for the size of your house, the age of your property, and your budget. 

Here are a few aspects that our trained technicians will consider to offer an expert opinion on the HVAC unit you should install. 

Square Footage

Our experts will use the square footage of your house to determine the right HVAC unit size. If you install an HVAC unit that is too small, it will use a lot of electricity and struggle to cool your whole house. If it is too big, you will pay more to install it, and it will be a waste of space on your property.


You likely won’t have the necessary ducts for just any AC unit if you have an old house. You may have to install the ductwork or opt for a ductless air conditioner installation. This influences the type of HVAC unit you need. 

Sunlight and Windows 

Your house may have many windows and get lots of sunshine. The more sunlight you get, the bigger your HVAC unit needs to be to combat the natural warming. 

Geographic Location 

The area that you live in has its own climate. The right size AC unit will keep your house cool and moderate the humidity. 


A well-insulated building won’t let the temperature change so easily. If your house is well-insulated, you won’t need such a big HVAC unit. 

After Your HVAC Replacement

Once you have replaced your HVAC system, you should be sure to schedule regular tune-ups and services to keep it well-maintained. An HVAC unit should last between 10-20 years, depending on the type. Sitton Mechanical has a team of specialists that know the ins and outs of HVAC maintenance. 

For more information on HVAC replacements in the Stillwater, OK area, contact Sitton Mechanical at (405) 780-3034