Benefits of an AC Tune-Up

With constant AC use during the long summer days in Stillwater, OK, your unit is likely to experience some wear and tear. It’ll also accumulates dust and debris. 

All of this can affect your AC’s performance, as well as your home’s air quality. With quality AC maintenance, you can avoid these issues entirely and be confident in your air conditioning in any weather.

What Is an AC Tune-Up?

AC tune-ups are check-ins, done ideally semi-annually, which assess the performance and health of your HVAC system. Each visit will include a variety of inspections and cleanings, depending on what your equipment needs. Typically, you can expect your HVAC technician to work on:

  • Inspecting air ducts for excessive dust or debris
  • Replacing and cleaning air filters and fans
  • Lubricating any moving components
  • Measuring temperatures and airflow
  • Inspecting the electrical systems
  • Testing system performance or thermostats and making any adjustments
  • Doing a final walkthrough and evaluating overall efficiency

Your air conditioning tune-up is a vital part of keeping your system and your home happy and healthy. It’s recommended that you at least have an HVAC tune-up done before summer hits so that you can stay confident that your AC unit will keep you comfortable all season long.

Signs You Need AC Maintenance

While experts recommend that you have a check-in with an HVAC technician twice a year, there could be other circumstances homeowners find themselves in that would benefit from an air conditioner tune-up. 

If you’re noticing any of these problems, reach out to a technician for air conditioner maintenance, no matter what time of year or season it is:

  • Weak or warm airflow coming from your vents
  • Unusual sounds or smells
  • Uneven cooling from room to room
  • The thermostat not reading temperatures properly

These are all signals that you would benefit from an AC tune-up with a professional, but it is by no means a complete list. Contact a local HVAC contractor for help whenever you think you might need an air conditioning tune-up.

Common Air Conditioning Tune-Up Benefits

Proper AC maintenance and HVAC tune-ups offer homeowners all kinds of benefits. Experts recommend that you schedule air conditioner maintenance at least once a year. If you’re considering an AC tune-up, here are some of the many perks you can start enjoying through regular air conditioner maintenance:

Improved Efficiency

A clean air conditioner is a powerful air conditioner. Through cleaning and inspection, a professional can improve the overall efficiency of your air conditioning. Your AC will then end up using less energy, meaning your equipment won’t have to work as hard, reducing the wear on the components.

Lower Energy Costs

Another excellent benefit of improved efficiency is saving money, even when you factor in the AC tune-up cost. An investment in air conditioner tune-ups could yield some noticeable savings on your monthly bills. 

With an AC that’s optimized, your air conditioning tune-up could end up paying for itself, given how much you’ll save throughout the year.

Fewer Repairs

Your HVAC tune-up investment can end up paying dividends by giving you reliable air conditioning that works every time you turn it on. 

With an annual AC tune-up, you’re much less likely to be surprised by sudden breakdowns or faulty equipment. And while all air conditioning units are bound to need some repairs, a technician can help diagnose and fix the problem before it spirals out of control.

More Longevity

Just like your checkup with the doctor works to keep you healthy, so does a visit from an HVAC technician keep your AC healthy. 

An AC tune-up practically guarantees that your system is bound to last longer than those without maintenance, in addition to having fewer problems overall. The average AC tune-up cost seems like nothing compared to the cost of installing a new unit.

More Comfort

What else is your AC for, if not to keep your family comfortable? The AC tune-up cost is often worth the trade-off in comfort. If your system isn’t working as well as it should, it could signal that it needs maintenance. Through an air conditioner tune-up, you’ll see better overall results from your AC. 

Your thermometer will match the air temperature, your system will work much more quickly, and you won’t have to worry about it breaking unexpectedly when your home is most vulnerable to the Stillwater, OK, heat.

Sitton Mechanical: The AC Maintenance Experts

If you’re a homeowner in Stillwater, OK, who’s searching for a company to perform your air conditioner tune-up, Sitton Mechanical can help. We’re ahead of the game when it comes to air conditioner maintenance and HVAC tune-ups. 

Our customers can always save money on their AC tune-up cost without feeling like they have to sacrifice quality. Call us today to learn more, and get your air conditioning back to normal again.